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We Provide Web Design Solutions for Chichester, Portsmouth, West Sussex, Hampshire, London and the South Coast

Based in Emsworth, near Chichester and Portsmouth, we push creativity to the max. Armed with a vast knowledge and skill base, we offer a full set of website solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs. We incorporate search engine marketing and mobile friendly pages in every website we do, to enable the user to reach the heights of the first page of Google and Bing.
Covering all digital solutions from professional eye catching websites to 3D motion animated video adverts. Our websites are designed with the capability for users to edit content, build a community or manage their own online shop. The possibilities are endless. Our lovely client at wanted a bespoke online ordering system with tailored functions in Paypal to select delivery dates, enable back orders and serve their clients the way they wanted. We  used our expert WordPress developer to edit scripts and page styles to achieve the exact look they wanted. All our clients are the best critics, if they want it, they get it and we won’t stop until they are happy with the results.  


  • New websites for company launches
  • Revamping of existing websites
  • Developing business to business websites
  • Creating new or managing existing hosting accounts
  • Domain name creation and renewals
  • Paypal/ Stripe integration and account management
  • Email management
  • Search engine ranking integration
  • Google Adword campaigns
  • Statistic reports
  • CMS editing via a control panel
  • Live editing on site
  • Social media design and integration
  • eCommerce shops with booking and ordering systems
  • WordPress development


from £750

What goes into the website?

Design work and branding solutions. Reputable solid hosting/ domain name fees, which are renewable for each new year. Integration of any variety of functions required for the end user to do, ie integrated customer friendly fields for a product shop or booking site. Multiple email accounts (or gmail account for business £3.99/month). Google Analytics with a user friendly stats viewer. Unlimited use of royalty free pre-paid stock images. Logo design if required for an extra cost. Mobile and tablet friendly design for all systems. Animated banners. SEO. Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Newsblogs. Security and anti-spam filters. Regular security updates. Multiple screen size and browser testing. Image galleries. Testimonials.  Free minor content updates. Customer editing facilities. Video tutorials. Support up to 3 months and more.
* Google ranks the site generally after 3-4 weeks. See below for the advanced SEO package to bring your site to page 1 of Google.

Mobile Friendly

As technology advances, the digital platform becomes more complex with more ways of surfing the web. We are proactive in keeping in step of the demands of new technology for the user to enjoy and experience. All our sites are designed for to adapt to mobiles and tablets for Apple and Android.

Long Life

We’re not going to design a you website, then just leave you to it and hope for the best. When you start a project with us we don’t put any restrictions or end dates on the support available. Think of it like a long life battery. Reliable and ongoing, it’s a comfort to know we’re always there for any future updates, training or changes you might need.


We enjoy creating websites for businesses who are engaging with the customer. This makes it exciting for you when you become the owner and shop keeper. eCommerce sites are becoming massively popular in today’s market so we feel the need to provide this service to businesses small and large.

Social Media

Social media is more than connecting online with friends. It has become a vital component in internet marketing. It is proven that the more traffic to and from your site to any social media site, the more favourably search engines rank you. So jump on board and take advantage of our experienced social marketing service.

GOOGLE PAGE 1, 2 & 3

Using traditional, organic SEO

What exactly does that mean?

This is the natural result of weeks of work on each page of your site following the criteria Google has set.

We can manage this at a total cost of £250.

Google recommends the use of clever written content with short concise
paragraphs between around 300-1000 words per page using
popular search words and phrases, title tags, image tags and page headers.
Links to and from external websites.
See this url to find out more:
Steps to a Google-friendly site



Using Google Ads

There is a paid method to get your site to page 1 of Google straight after launch. This is the use of Google Adwords.

We can manage this at a monthly cost (£90-£250). The cost varies depending on how much competition there is from similar sites to yours targeting the same audience. We research the words people are typing into Google, then Google advises a fixed budget amount to get your ad and website link to page 1. It’s that simple and can be stopped at the end of any month.

See this video to find out more:


Search Engine Optimisation

What exactly does that mean?

SEO is basically what web designers do to make your website more attractive when the search engines (most often Google) come along to index and rank your website. So it is our business to make sure you are in capable hands. This process is vital and is integrated into your site even before the initial draft, continuing through to the launch and ongoing.
If you invest in a beautiful website, you first concern will be who can see it amongst the jungle of other websites. You will see the proof of our hard SEO work when you see the page hits, high search engine rankings and customers start to come through the door of your website into your business. Feel free to test our websites in our portfolio by searching what you think you should type into Google within the location.